Health and Safety

Your child’s health and safety is our top priority, which is why we have implemented numerous safeguards throughout our schools:

  • Locked front doors, with personal identification number required for entry

  • Biometric fingerprint reader for checking children in and out

  • Photo ID requirement for unfamiliar faces

  • Staff uniforms for easy identification

In addition to the inspections required by our regulatory agencies in NC, members of the Creative Schools Management Team visit all of the schools on a regular basis, and provide quality inspections and feedback. All directors and staff receive emergency preparedness and response training, and the center has a detailed plan for emergencies. We provide Infant/Child/Adult CPR and First Aid to all staff. Each classroom has a telephone to call administration for immediate assistance. While outside, teachers have access to two-way radios for communication.

Parents have access to secure webcams, giving that peace of mind throughout the day. There is an additional monitor located in the director’s office, which parents are welcome to view at any time.

Nutritious meals and snacks that follow USDA guidelines are provided at no additional charge to our families. Our well-balanced menu offers fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and a variety of nutritious, child-friendly foods. We provide vegetarian options and we can often make menu adjustments for children with allergies or other special considerations.